Municipal Court

The municipal court is charged with the responsibility of adjudicating fairly and effectively ordinance violations in the City of Normandy.

Normandy Consolidated Municipal Court Closed Oct. 12th through the 14th.

With the approval of the 21st Circuit Court, Normandy Consolidated Municipal Court offices will be closed Monday, Wednesday 12th, to Friday, May 14th, in order to allow staff to attend training. Court offices will reopen on Monday, October 17th. If you need to make a payment you can still pay online (click here).

Municipalities Serviced

The City of Normandy Court provides services for the following municipalities:

  • Bellerive Acres
  • Cool Valley
  • Country Club Hills
  • Greendale
  • Normandy
  • Pasadena Hills
  • Pasadena Park
  • Hillsdale

Municipal Court Judge

  • Christopher Dulle - Normandy, Country Club Hills, Hillsdale
  • Jeffrey Sandcork - Cool Valley, Pasadena Park
  • Daniel Diemer - Pasadena Hills
  • Felicia Ezell-Gillispie - Greendale


  • Keith Cheung & Andy Bramman - Normandy
  • Thomas Gilliam - Pasadena Hills
  • Steve Clark - Country Club Hills, Hillsdale
  • Phillip T. Ayers - Greendale
  • Scott Pollard - Cool Valley
  • Brandy Miller - Pasadena Park

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Yolanda Robinson Head Court Clerk (314) 385-3300 ext 3029
Lisa Welch Court Clerk (314) 385-3300 ext 3032
Brianna Black PA Assistant/Housing Clerk (314) 385-3300 ext 3031