Mission Statement

A Clear Vision

The City of Normandy is a municipal governmental entity that exists to provide public service. Those services must be delivered by an organization that is reflective of the community it serves.

Normandy is a community where volunteerism, donation, self-sacrifice are common occurrences. We recognize those who have dangerous jobs but also those everyday people who perform services for others again and again because they care.

Normandy is a community that prides itself on clean parks and neighbors caring about one another.

Normandy is a progressive city. Normandy is a place where government services are dependable and efficient, where new ideas are embraced with enthusiasm and energy that encourages an environment for success.

Normandy believes in integrity through openness, moral principles and ethical conduct in order to promote professional standards that deliver the best customer service to our citizens and all actions that are basic to the way we treat each other.

Normandy also believes in accountability, pledging its stewardship in managing the public's resources to constantly be aware of responsibilities to the public.

Normandy is committed to teamwork, a unity of purpose that leads to action. This daily effort should create an environment to which individuals can contribute ideas, skills, and talents in order to move our great city forward.