Beer / Wine / Liquor License

Before a business can be approved for a beer /wine and/or liquor license, they must contact the City Administrator/Clerk at 314-385-3300, ext. 3014 to make sure they are in the correct zone, and inspections must be done by the City Inspector and the Northeast Fire Protection District.

Once all zoning checks and inspections are complete, the business must submit a Beer / Wine Liquor License Application to the City Administrator/Clerk. The application can either be mailed or brought to the office at:

City Administrator/Clerk
7700 Natural Bridge Road
Normandy, MO 63121

After the application is submitted, it will go to the City Council for approval. Once it is approved, the license will be mailed to the business. If it is not approved, the business will receive a letter stating the reasons why the request was denied.

Business Licenses


Business licenses are required in Normandy for most businesses.

Businesses must complete a Business License Application and submit it to the City Clerk's Office before starting the business.

For more information, please contact the City Administrator/Clerk's Office at 314-385-3300.

Dog Licenses

Acquiring a License

City Ordinance requires dogs to be licensed. Dog owners should get a license within 30 days of:

  • Acquiring a dog that is over four months old
  • The dog turning four months old
  • Moving to Normandy with a dog
  • The expiration of a pet license

Dog licenses cost $1 for a one-year license. Current anti-rabies vaccines are required to purchase the license. Applications are available at the City Clerk's Office at 7700 Natural Bridge Road. For more information, please contact the City Administrator/Clerk's Office at 314-385-3300, ext. 3010.