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Welcome to the Normandy Police Department Website, Our department endeavors to meet the highest ethical and professional standards, and prides itself on the quality of law enforcement services provided to the citizens of Normandy, and our partner cities consisting of the Village of Pasadena Park, the City of Bellerive Acres, the Village of Glen Echo Park, the City of Greendale, the City of Cool Valley, and Pasadena Hills. Additionally, we are recognized as a certified agency through the Missouri Police Chief’s Association.

Community Oriented Policing

The police department and the communities share in the responsibility for crime control and public safety. We recognize the importance of community partnerships as we strive to provide quality law enforcement services to residents, students, and visitors. As we deliver law enforcement services under a community policing philosophy, the department consistently seeks to collaborate with citizens, neighborhoods and community groups to better understand the nature of local issues and to develop mutual strategies. Our commitment to maintain these partnerships enables us to better understand the needs of citizens, develop meaningful and cooperative strategies to solve problems, and provide the most efficient response.


The main goal of the Normandy Police Department is to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for all citizens. We strive to accomplish this goal through proactive community programs designed to prevent crime as well as efficient, thorough investigations of crimes committed.


It takes a special kind of individual to accept the challenges and demands that go along with a career as a Normandy Police Officer. Officers must possess strong character, have above average decision-making skills, possess the desire and compassion necessary to help people when they are in need and be able to cope with changing and sometimes dangerous situations. They must have the highest respect for the rights of all individuals and be committed to protecting those rights in all situations. 

If you posess a dynamic personality and are interested in finding out more about accepting this challenge and becoming a member of Normandy Police Department, you'll find all the answers here.

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Staff Contacts

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Brianna Diveley Police Clerk 314-385-3300 ext. 3015