Amanda Cates - In Memoriam 

Amanda was a four-and-a-half-year veteran of the Normandy Police Department when her life was tragically cut short.  Officer Cates passed away in the early morning hours of August 29th, 2006.  Amanda was survived by her mother and father, Michael and Carolyn Cates, two siblings, Brad and Clay, nieces Kirsten, Hayley, and Elizabeth, nephews Mikey and Noah, grandparents, and many, many friends.

Amanda Kay Cates was born on August 19, 1980 to Michael and Carolyn Cates.  She was the younger sister of Clay and Brad.  She attended Northwest High School and graduated with the class of 1998

Amanda became a Police Officer for the Normandy, Missouri Police Department.  In her position at Normandy, she served as the department’s School Resource Officer inside the Normandy Middle School.  She interacted daily with the 7th and 8th grade students of the Normandy School District.  Amanda was passionate about her position helping students with school issues and more importantly, after school issues.  With the amount of diversity in the Normandy School District, many complex issues interrupt the young, fragile lives of these students.  Amanda dealt with student issues ranging from poverty stricken families who could not afford school uniforms to student pregnancies.  Amanda was unselfish when it came to these children, spending her own money to buy school uniforms and diapers and formula.  

Amanda was passionate about education, including her own.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Lindenwood University in Criminal Justice and Social Work and earned a Master’s Degree as well from Lindenwood in Criminal Justice.  Amanda had wanted to eventually become a School Counselor and was continuing her graduate education to prepare herself for that transition.

The loss of Amanda is a wound that has never fully healed within the department and in the community.  Because she impacted so many lives and never asked for any thing in return, many of these encounters were only brought to light after her passing.  Amanda was a true hero and an inspiration to others on how to live their lives while helping others.

Amanda Cates will never be forgotten.

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