The Operations Division is the largest division in the police department. Officers patrol the City of Normandy, Bellerive Acres, Cool Valley, Glen Echo Park, Greendale, Pasadena Hills and Pasadena Park 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, responding to most calls for service. The police department responds to approximately 15,000 calls for service annually with another approximate 15,000 self-initiated tasks.

Officers are divided into 4 squads on 12 hours shifts. Individual shifts are lead by a sergeant and corporal.

The City of Normandy and its partner cities are divided into three geographical areas called sectors.  The officers are assigned to permanent areas of the city, which in turn provides blanket coverage and enhances quicker response times. It also allows officers to quickly identify problems in the areas they are responsible for.  The patrol division prides itself on providing a quick response and serving the community.

Every officer assigned to the Operations Division utilizes a marked police car - either fully marked or partially marked. This higher the visibility of police presence in the community helps make it less likely criminal activity will occur.

Traffic Enforcement