Your Rights in Municipal Court

The following are your rights for the Normandy Consolidated Court for all municipalities severed.


  1. The right to be fully advised of the nature of the charges against me.
  2. The right to plead not guilty or guilty to the charges.
  3. The right to be represented at all stages of the proceedings by an attorney.
  4. The right to have an attorney appointed to represent me if I am found to be indigent and facing jail time.
  5. The right to trial which, at which election, may be jury trial.
  6. The right to confront and ask questions of any and all witnesses who appear to testify against me.
  7. The right to bring witnesses to testify on my behalf at trial.
  8. The right to have any witnesses I requested be subpoenaed (ordered) to appear at trial to testify on my behalf.
  9. The right to testify or remain silent at my trial. If I remain silent and do not testify that will not be held against me.
  10. I am presumed innocent and the City has to prove that I am guilty beyond beyond a reasonable doubt at the trial.
  11. If I am found guilty at trial I have a right to appeal the Court's decision and file a request for a new trial in St. Louis Associate Circuit Court. I understand that my appeal must be filed within 10 days from the day of the Court;s decision.
  12. If I plead guilty or am found guilty I have a right to present evidence of my financial situation for the Court to consider in determining my ability to pay fines and /or court costs and /or to establish a payment plan.
  13. If I have an impairment, disability or any special needs, including the need for an interpreter, one will be provided to me at no cost upon request.

The range of punishment in this court is a fine and court costs of up to $22,500 for minor traffic violations, or a fine of $1-$1,000 and/or up to 90 days in jail for other violations.

A please of the guilty could expose you to enhancement of criminal penalties in the event you face any similar charges in the future. Such please of guilty may expose you to other administrative or statutory requirements pertaining to your driving privilege as may be imposed by the Court of the Department of Revenue.

A copy of these rights may be obtained, up request, from the Traffic Violation Bureau.