Recycling Information

The City of Normandy encourages recycling. The City has "single stream recycling".

Acceptable Items

It is not necessary to sort recycled items. The following items can be recycled:

  • Aluminum cans, trays and foil
  • Plastics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 (no Number 6 plastics - egg cartons, disposable coffee cups, no plastic bags or Styrofoam)
  • Glass bottles and jars (except blue)
  • Paper - home and office, computer, notebook and gift wrap
  • Tin and steel (no paint cans)
  • Milk and juice cartons and jugs
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Newspapers, magazines, and phone books
  • Aerosol cans
  • Plastic buckets - kitty litter containers (5 gallon maximum size)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Grocery - margarine tubs, yogurt cups, syrup and ketchup bottles

Items not accepted for recycling

  • Food waste
  • Used paper plates, paper towels or napkins
  • Plastic film - sheets, tarps or wrap
  • Plastic cards, stick-on labels or unused stamps
  • Expanded foam or clear polystyrene - Styrofoam
  • Motor oil, insecticide or other hazardous chemical containers
  • Metal clips, spiral notebooks or binders
  • Glass from windows, dinnerware or ceramics
  • Hard cover books (unless covers are removed and discarded)

For more information, contact the Public Utilities Department at 314-385-3300, ext. 3014.