Common Code Violations


The Normandy Code Enforcement Department enforces the following violation types. You may also view all City Ordinances (PDF).


Material that could be considered a health or safety issue may not accumulate on property. This includes trash, litter, debris, or junk, such as:

  • Discarded furniture
  • Abandoned appliances or similar items
  • Abandoned vehicles and/or unserviceable vehicles
  • General nuisances affecting public health (i.e., stagnant water in which mosquitoes breed)
  • Overgrown grass / weeds
  • Tires
  • Mechanical equipment


Building permit required - For construction, repairs, or alterations, you must obtain the necessary permits.

Ordinance 97-19

  • Zoning Code
  • Permitted uses and structure
  • More than one principal structure
  • Conditional use
  • Swimming pool enclosure
  • Parking or use of major recreational equipment


  • Maintenance of structures - The structures must not constitute a public nuisance. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their property to insure the safety, health, and property values.
  • Dilapidated structures
  • Abandoned property

File a Complaint

If you have found one of these violations, please file a complaint.